Library Guides

1) Joint Library Services

Guide to Library Online Services (our virtual library) on Issuu:

Governor Guide to the Library Services on Issuu:

Parent and Visitor Guide to the Library Services Issuu:

2) Senior School Michael Parker Library

Student Guide on Issuu:

Sixth Form Guide on Issuu:

Staff Guide on Issuu:

3) Junior School Library

Staff Guide on Issuu:

4 Responses to “Library Guides”

  1. 1. Paul Protheroe Says:

    Dear Anne,

    We’ve corresponded in the past via SLN and also when I was writing my MA dissertation on School Library websites. Occasionally I pop onto your excellent site to see what you’re up to for inspiration and I must say what has always been great is even more brilliant than before. I’ve just found myself looking at your Library guides saying outloud to myself ‘This is brilliant. How does she do it?’ Of course, hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work. You are truly an inspiration to us all and a leader especially with the website. Still the best I’ve seen out there.

  2. 2. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Dear Paul,
    Many thanks for your kind comments – I really appreciate this!
    Best wishes

  3. 3. Catherine Graham-Smith Says:

    Hi Anne
    I am very impressed with the work you have done and inspired to do at least some of the things that you have done.

    I am still dabbling with Lib Guides at my school in Australia.


  4. 4. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Dear Catherine,

    Many thanks for your kind comments!

    Best wishes

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