Reading Champions

This is the name of our Reading Group. We hope to have regular meetings again soon to talk about our favourite reads and do a range of activities. These could be:

  • Books – fiction or non-fiction
  • Magazines
  • Graphic novels and Manga

Meetings have been suspended for the time being until Mrs Robinson’s voice recovers. We hope to be able to resume meetings on one lunchtime each week as soon as possible.

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15 Responses to “Reading Champions”

  1. 1. Fiona Crawford Says:

    Wow…who is the Lukyanenko fan?
    Bit heavy for many readers but an interesting choice.
    Books are WAY better than the films, don’t you think?

  2. 2. Ben Payne age 11 Says:

    I am the Lukyanenko fan he writes really good books have you read the night watch,day watch and twilight watch books as they are really good. The books are way better than the film.

  3. 3. Ben Payne age 11 Says:

    If you like fantasy fiction books you should try ; Mister monday,Grim Tuesday,Drowned Wednesday,Sir Thursday,Lady Friday,Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday(Which isn’t out yet) by Garth Nix.
    Maximum Ride series by James Patterson
    Spiggots Quest and others by Gary Kilworth
    Daniel X by James Patterson
    Ring Fire – Fleabag Trilogy S.
    by Beth Webb
    by Garth Nix
    The Amulet of Samarkand [S1]
    by Jonathan Stroud
    Robin Hood
    The Oddyssey by Homer

  4. 4. William Batchelor Says:

    Recently I read a really good my friend Calum got me called Survival by Chris Ryan. It is a book about 5 friends who find themselves abandoned on an island.
    They face fierce animals and modern day prirates on their fight to escape. Gripping and action packed since the author was a member of the SAS and has used his army knowlege when ploting the book.

  5. 5. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Thank you all for your comments. There are some really interesting book ideas and I have bought some of them for the Library already. They will soon be available for you to borrow.

    I will also have to look at a new date for our next meeting. Please call in to the Library if you want to join our Reading Champions reading group and we will sort out a suitable date.

  6. 6. Mrs Robinson Says:

    The next meeting is on Wednesday 26th November at 1.15 in the Library. Hope to see a lot of you then!

  7. 7. naomi Says:

    I rekon we like need some ‘angus thongs and perfect snogging’ and ‘luuuurve is a many troused thing’ like type books y’know L.Rennison they’re vair interresting !!!:)

  8. 8. naomi Says:

    I also like eva ibbitson books what about you lot y’know jorney to the river sea and lauren child she is vair interesting and i lurve her drawing

  9. 9. naomi Says:

    I finally would like luurve it if a author(or illustrator) would like come in y’know itt would be like cool y’know!!!:P

  10. 10. naomi Says:

    my bestie rruth also luurves garth nix but Ihave never been so keen the books look vair long so it is not realy me!!

  11. 11. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Thanks for these suggestions, Naomi. Yes, we have a lot of these books already and we will be getting some authors in when we have our new library!

  12. 12. Ben Payne Says:

    Hiya. I know that lots of readers have read the Skulduggery Pleasant books (by Derek Landy), and just so you know, the fourth book is out called ‘Dark Days’. i’ve read it and it is AMAZING!!! Lots of people would benefit from having it in stock, so PLEASE get it for us! If you could get it in- it would be great. See Ya!

  13. 13. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Yes, Ben, two copies are on order and should arrive very soon! Best wishes, Mrs Robinson

  14. 14. Ben P- again :) Says:

    Hi. I know that lots of people LOVE the GONE series and just to let you know, LIES is now out by Michael Grant,well in Canada.It’s probably out in England too though! Oh, and i bought some books over the holiday and i read the first of the nicholas flamel series.The author is…(let me find the book) Michael Scott and it is AWESOME!!! I’m sure lots of people will like this series. I’m sorry if this is a little short notice, but i forgot to post this earlier on as i’ve been busy! See you soon!

  15. 15. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Thanks, Ben! I have ordered lots of new books over the summer and will be working hard this term to get them all on the system. I will look at the ones you mention and order them too – as soon as I can. See you next week.

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