Feb 28

Mrs Robinson has been making a range of Research Guides for the Science Department. They are linked for you below. You can use them in school or at home. Please let her know if you have any problems using them or if you have any links we could add!

Year 8 students

Here is the link to our Research Guides for your Physics and Biology topics:

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Nov 24

Welcome to Year 6 students! This post has been made to help you with your project.

Two Cute Siblings
Image by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr

Please choose one endangered animal and find answers to these questions. You will then have to present your findings in a PowerPoint.

  1. What does endangered mean?
  2. How many of your animal are alive in the wild or in captivity?
  3. What is your animal’s main habitat?
  4. What are the main predators of your animal?
  5. What is the lifespan of your animal?
  6. Can you find out the reasons why your animal is endangered?
  7. Can you find out what is being done to preserve it? Which are the main organisations working on this?

Here are a range of websites that Mrs Robinson has found for you. If you click on the link, it will open in a new window.

Endangered Animals

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Jun 17

Electricity in the UK for the next generation

Dear Year 10 student,

I have put together some websites to help you with this assessment. If you click on the links below, you will go through to the Library Online page on Delicious. This is where I have gathered a whole lot of websites for you to see. I hope you find them useful.

  • How power stations work
  • Statistics on electricity production
  • Fossil fuels
  • Renewable energy sources
    • biomass
    • hydroelectric power
    • solar power
    • tidal and wave power
    • wind power
  • Nuclear energy

Good luck with your work!

Mrs Robinson,

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May 05

Mrs Robinson has put some web sites together for you on Acid Rain:


Acid Rain

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Mar 06

It is Science Week from the 6th to the 15th March.

Science Week

Science Week

The Librarian will add more information here during the week.

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