Sep 25

Library Inductions are now starting with Year 6 students in the Michael Parker Library -


Welcome by Ramesh NG on Flickr

Looking forward to seeing your class soon!

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Jul 06

They are ready!

Some of our Year 8 students have been creating really great trailers to advertise their favourite books. Click on the image below to watch them and then vote for your favourite:

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May 25

Welcome to Year 10 students

Mrs Robinson has made a research Guide for your Controlled Assessment on Lifestyle Analysis. You can also access it by clicking on the link in the box below:

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May 25

Mr Dixon’s Year 8 class have been working in the Library with Mrs Robinson this term making their own book trailers using Animoto.

This is the first one – well done to Tom, Libby, Alex and Natalie!

Animoto allows you to upload images, add text and music then remix in various ways. I am sure that this one will go through a few versions before the students are finally happy with it. We will upload all of the finished book trailers to YouTube and embed them on this site and on our LibGuides page for the project.

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Feb 28

Mrs Robinson has been making a range of Research Guides for the Science Department. They are linked for you below. You can use them in school or at home. Please let her know if you have any problems using them or if you have any links we could add!

Year 8 students

Here is the link to our Research Guides for your Physics and Biology topics:

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Jan 17

Welcome to our Year 11 students!

Click on the image below to go through to our Research Guide which will help you with your Controlled Assessment.

PE GCSE Research Guide

Alternatively, you can click on the link in the box below:

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Nov 24

Welcome to Year 6 students! This post has been made to help you with your project.

Two Cute Siblings
Image by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr

Please choose one endangered animal and find answers to these questions. You will then have to present your findings in a PowerPoint.

  1. What does endangered mean?
  2. How many of your animal are alive in the wild or in captivity?
  3. What is your animal’s main habitat?
  4. What are the main predators of your animal?
  5. What is the lifespan of your animal?
  6. Can you find out the reasons why your animal is endangered?
  7. Can you find out what is being done to preserve it? Which are the main organisations working on this?

Here are a range of websites that Mrs Robinson has found for you. If you click on the link, it will open in a new window.

Endangered Animals

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Nov 06

This week, we are going to introduce our Year 7 and 8 classes to our reading development wiki called Reading is Fun! We hope that students will use this to track their reading development during this year. They are asked to write a page about their favourite books and magazines using images and embedded videos to enliven the page. Students are also encouraged to comment on each other’s pages with positive ideas and support.

There is a full page with embedded presentations on this site and Mrs Robinson has also put these on this post.

If you are a Dixie student in Year 7 or 8, have a look at the presentation below to remind you how to use the wiki. Please ask Mrs Robinson if you need your username and password.

The presentation as a PowerPoint on SlideShare:

Intro to Reading is Fun! Wiki
View more presentations from The Dixie Grammar School Library
The presentation with Mrs Robinson speaking on VoiceThread:

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Oct 21

Here are the photographs from our fantastic Write Path session, which I wrote about previously.

Here are the links to the stories. Our students worked in pairs to write a paragraph, collaborating on stories with schools from around the world. Please read them and tell us what you think! The names in the links belong to the authors who started each story.

Story started by Alex Milway

Story started by Catherine Fisher

Story started by Joanne Harris

Story started by Jo Craig

Story started by Penny Dolan

Story started by Pete Johnson

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Oct 15

Glad to see you have found our Library website! Mrs Robinson has been looking for the best websites for your research into Dutch Elm Disease.

Beetle Galleries

Beetle Galleries by megankhines

If you click on the title below, you will be taken to our Delicious site where you will find more links.

Image is Beetle Galleries by megankhines on Flickr.

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