Nov 21

We tried a new idea in the Michael Parker Library on Open Morning. One of the Student Helpers asked our visitors for their comments about the Library. Here they are:

“A wonderful, bright and relaxing space.”

“Could we have a book of the week?”

“I can’t believe it is so different!”

Good things: “Book requests, space to work, nice lighting, seating, newspapers, subscriptions.”


“Good layout, signage and lighting.”

“Ooh, that’s good!”

“Lovely library – great resources.”

“Nice layout.”

“It looks fantastic and has great resources.”

“Relaxing space. Wide range of books.”

“Brilliant books. I love it and can’t wait to use it!”

“Lovely atmosphere.”

“Wow! Amazing and gorgeous!”

“Fantastic space!”

Now, wasn’t that nice?

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Nov 17

Welcome to the website for the Library Services at The Dixie Grammar School. If you have arrived here via the QR Code on our postcard or Visitor Guide, then a further welcome!

Library Postcard

Our new postcard for our Library Services

This is the video we are showing on Open Morning:

If you would like more copies of our Visitor Guide, then please download from the link below:

Parent Guide
View more documents from The Dixie Grammar School Library

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Oct 07

This week, I am having a few issues with this site! Images will not upload properly – so this post will have to be text only until I have managed to find the solution.

Visiting other school libraries

I have been asking around for suitable libraries to visit in order to gather as many ideas as possible. Last week, I began to compile a “wish list” so that I could clarify my thinking about the new library. I have now contacted a range of colleagues and have some visits in the pipeline.

Library design

There are a lot of library designers and furniture suppliers out there and I have been in touch with quite a few to ask if they can send pictures of their designs. I am planning a display for the Library that we can use during Open Morning and also to inspire the students and staff.

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Sep 16

The stock-take was completed last week and an Initial Assessment Report on the Library was sent to the Headmaster and my Line Manager, Mr Haddon. This will enable us to have a baseline against which to measure the future development of the Library.

This week, I am continuing with the following things:

  • Assessing and weeding all stock
  • Cleaning, repairing and re-cataloguing remaining stock
  • Designing and printing new guiding and signage
  • Beginning to plan displays – particularly with Open Morning in mind
  • Getting to know staff and pupils
  • Developing the Library Online Website

The Library is now open at lunchtimes as well as after school for all pupils – see previous post. A small collection of magazines has been started. I am also planning how to involve the pupils as Library Helpers – note not Librarians!

Now, I also have to think about how to promote the services of the Library and especially this website – more on that soon!

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