Apr 16

Library Online has now reached 40,000 hits since Mrs Robinson started it in the Summer of 2008!

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Oct 03

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Please download the iPhone and Android apps in the following locations.

1) iPhone app: http://itunes.apple.com/my/app/bloapp/id436962200?mt=8
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Note: To add this blog, you simply need to snap the QR code with Bloapp. Alternatively you can search for this site’s name using the search function as well.

If this does not work, please let Mrs Robinson know so that she can sort it out!

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Apr 14

Keep up-to-date on this important event using this amazing service – Mashpedia. It collects (mashups) data from a range of sources, including blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, new and images – fantastic!

General Election on Mashpedia

Mrs Robinson has also added a new General Election page to the Netvibes site:

General Election on Netvibes

Party Websites

  • Conservative Party
  • Labour Party
  • Liberal Democrat Party
  • Green Party
  • United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Other General Election Resources

  • BBC News – UK Election
  • BUBL UK – List of all the political parties in the UK
  • Electoral Commission
  • UK Parliament
  • Wikipedia – UK General Election 2010
  • YVote - Mock Elections

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Jan 25

Wow! The site has now had more than 10,000 views since it was started in the Summer of 2008.

Thank-you for visiting!


Here’s to the next 10,000!

10000 Views by Boofalo Blues on Flickr

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Oct 29

During Half Term we have been working to finish off our new library!

Have a look at the latest pictures below. The Library staircase has also been decorated and there will be new things to see there very soon!

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Oct 06

The Library is opening this week, starting from the 6th October! Each year group will have a “preview day” at lunchtime. That’s so we can make sure you all get a chance to see our great new Library!

  • Tuesday 6th October – Year 6
  • Wednesday 7th October – Year 7
  • Thursday 8th October – Year 8
  • Friday 9th October – Year 9
  • Monday 12th October – Year 10
  • Tuesday 13th October – Year 11

Years 12 and 13 are welcome in on any lunchtime and during their study periods.

Hoping to see you in our Library!

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Oct 01

Well, we were ready to open and the new chairs arrived, so everything was great. Then we realised that the chairs did not fit properly under the tables – so we borrowed some from the hall! Anyway, watch out for the announcement…….

Opening very soon!

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Sep 09

We have reached another great milestone!

All of the boxes of books from the old library have now been unpacked on to the new shelving. Also, loads of new Fiction has been added. Have a look at the pictures below and also at the slideshow lower down this page for the latest photos!

Non-Fiction books

Non-Fiction books



Graphic Novel collection

Graphic Novel collection

Don’t these look great! Mrs Robinson and the rest of the Library Committee are working hard to get the new Library open as soon as possible – it won’t be long.

By the way – thanks for the speedy shelving are due to Mrs Robinson’s sons, Luke and Mark, who came in to help during the summer holidays and also in the last couple of weeks!

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Sep 03

The new furniture has now been fitted – apart from a few finishing touches! All who have seen it say it looks fantastic – thanks to Tom & Richard from Tarver’s!

Today, Mrs Robinson tried out the first book on the shelves:

First book on the new shelves!

First book on the new shelves!

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Sep 02

Exciting times! All of the library equipment, books and resources was moved into the new space on Friday so that Room 9 could be cleared for use again. The furniture fitters are now finishing off the last touches – cupboards, worktops, desk and so on. Then Mrs Robinson will be able to get in and start unpacking!

Pile of boxes to unpack!

Pile of boxes to unpack!

There are huge piles of boxes across the library, consisting of all the old stock plus loads of new books. All of these will be put on the shelves as quickly as possible with new signing and guiding to help everyone find what they are looking for.

Lots of new furniture and equipment is also being delivered. It will be great fun unpacking this and putting it all into place!

Staff are welcome to pop in at any time to see the progress. Students will be shown around as soon as possible.

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