Student Helpers

Michael Parker Library

We have a fantastic team of Student Helpers from Year 7 upwards who work in the library on one lunchtime each per week (or more if they are really keen).

What do they do?

Student Helpers…

  • run the Desk – issuing, returning and renewing books and so on.
  • tidy the shelves and put books back.
  • help students using computers and make sure our ICT equipment is being used safely and properly.
  • help students to search for books on SearchStar and then help them find books on the shelves.
  • support Mrs Robinson and any other member of staff using the library at lunchtime!

We do not need any new Helpers at the moment as we have a lot of new Trainees and also some more students on the Waiting List. When we need some more Helpers, we will let you know!

Junior School Library

Mrs Enston organises a group of Student Helpers from Year 5 – please see her if you would like to join.

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