Apr 22

Mrs Robinson collects book trailers on our Library Online YouTube Channel. We now have more than 60:

For more ideas about what to read, have a look at our “What to read” page!

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Jul 06

They are ready!

Some of our Year 8 students have been creating really great trailers to advertise their favourite books. Click on the image below to watch them and then vote for your favourite:

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May 25

Mr Dixon’s Year 8 class have been working in the Library with Mrs Robinson this term making their own book trailers using Animoto.

This is the first one – well done to Tom, Libby, Alex and Natalie!

Animoto allows you to upload images, add text and music then remix in various ways. I am sure that this one will go through a few versions before the students are finally happy with it. We will upload all of the finished book trailers to YouTube and embed them on this site and on our LibGuides page for the project.

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Apr 28

Here is the book trailer Mrs Robinson has made to show students in 8E1! Hope you like it.

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Apr 11

Welcome to Year 8 Students! Click on the link below to get to our new Research Guide for the Book Trailer Project.

Hope you have lots of fun making them!

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