Apr 16

Library Online has now reached 40,000 hits since Mrs Robinson started it in the Summer of 2008!

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Sep 25

Mrs Robinson was thrilled to receive a mysterious parcel from the United States this morning. It contained a book:

Learning from Libraries That Use WordPress

The book, ” Learning from Libraries That Use WordPress”, is by Kyle M L Jones and Polly-Alida Farrington and was published in the United States by the American Library Association. Mrs Robinson was asked to contribute to the book some time ago and wrote a chapter about our Library Online site. If you want to read it, ask in the Library.

Of course our Library Online Services are improving all of the time!

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Jul 09

It was great to be able to speak to our new Sixth Formers on their Induction Day about the Library Services we offer. The presentation and guide to the Library Services are embedded below:

Guide to the Library Services for Sixth Form Students:

Sixth Form Guide from The Dixie Grammar School Libraries

Power Point Presentation:

Introduction to the Library Services for Sixth Form
View more PowerPoint from The Dixie Grammar School Libraries

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Jun 27

Mrs Robinson has made a Research Guide to help you investigate aspects of Astronomy. Here it is in the widget below:

Or try this direct link – Astronomy Research Guide

Astronomy Research Guide

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Oct 03

Why not read this site on your phone? Here is the QR code:

QR Code

QR Code

To get our app, please follow these instructions:

Please download the iPhone and Android apps in the following locations.

1) iPhone app: http://itunes.apple.com/my/app/bloapp/id436962200?mt=8
2) Android app: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.infindo.bloapp.activities

Note: To add this blog, you simply need to snap the QR code with Bloapp. Alternatively you can search for this site’s name using the search function as well.

If this does not work, please let Mrs Robinson know so that she can sort it out!

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Jan 25

Wow! The site has now had more than 10,000 views since it was started in the Summer of 2008.

Thank-you for visiting!


Here’s to the next 10,000!

10000 Views by Boofalo Blues on Flickr

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Sep 11

You can now search our library catalogue. Look at the left-hand column and type into the search box. You will then get a listing of our books.

LibraryThing Logo

LibraryThing Logo

This is powered by a site called LibraryThing, an online service to help people catalogue their books easily. Because everyone catalogues together, LibraryThing also connects people with the same books, comes up with suggestions for what to read next, and so forth. Over the coming weeks, we will look at how we can use this interesting site with reading groups in the Library.

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Jul 25
The Dixie Grammar School

The Dixie Grammar School

Welcome to the new Library Online website for The Dixie Grammar School. Your new Librarian, who started on the 1st September, is Mrs Anne M Robinson. I am a Chartered Librarian, really experienced in running school libraries.

I am going to use this site for a range of things:

  • To track the development of the Library during its transformation over the coming years.
  • To give the staff and students of the school a taste of what a Chartered Librarian can do – explore the site as it develops to find lots of help!
  • To create useful advice on how to research – look at the Subject Links pages.
  • To talk about books and reading – tell me what you like to read so that we can make the Library relevant to you.

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