Sep 25

Library Inductions are now starting with Year 6 students in the Michael Parker Library -


Welcome by Ramesh NG on Flickr

Looking forward to seeing your class soon!

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Sep 06

New books have come in to support A-Level Philosophy of Religion. Mrs Robinson has created a Pinterest board to display them to you:

Please come in to the Library if you would like to use these books.

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May 15

Mrs Robinson has made these two new guides to the Library Services at The Dixie Grammar School:

Joint Library Services

Governor Guide to the Library Services on Issuu:

Junior School Library

Staff Guide on Issuu:

We hope you find them interesting and helpful. Here is full range of our Library Guides.

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Jan 23

Libraries are very valuable assets for their schools, not only in terms of the cost of the resources, furniture and equipment, but also the investment in professional staffing. It is essential that professional Librarians clearly demonstrate how the Library is developing and also carefully plan each stage as it moves forwards.

Our Annual Report for 2011-2012 and our Development Plan for 2012-2013 are embedded below:

Library Services Annual Report for 2011-2012

Annual report 2011 2012 from The Dixie Grammar School Libraries

Library Services Development Plan 2012-2013

Library Development Plan 2012-2013 from The Dixie Grammar School Libraries

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Oct 23

We have won an iPod Touch for our school libraries! Microlibrarian Systems, who are the developers of our Library Management System, Eclipse2, entered us into their prize draw and we won.

iPod Touch

Mrs Robinson would love to have students’ ideas for how we might use our iPod to promote reading or research skills. Here are some to start you off:

  1. Listening to audiobooks
  2. Reading ebooks
  3. Listening to podcasts, e.g. for Languages
  4. Looking at apps developed for education
  5. Taking photos of activities in our libraries

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Jul 09

It was great to be able to speak to our new Sixth Formers on their Induction Day about the Library Services we offer. The presentation and guide to the Library Services are embedded below:

Guide to the Library Services for Sixth Form Students:

Sixth Form Guide from The Dixie Grammar School Libraries

Power Point Presentation:

Introduction to the Library Services for Sixth Form
View more PowerPoint from The Dixie Grammar School Libraries

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Jun 19

Many thanks to Alan Gibbons for a fantastic day!

Students from Year 5 to 7 enjoyed an Author Talk from Alan in the morning. They really enjoyed his sense of humour and also finding out about how he became a writer.

Year 8 students had Creative Writing Sessions and wrote the beginnings of stories about vampires and werewolves – scary stuff!

[swf src="/wp-content/uploads/Alan-Gibbons-Day.swf" width=504 height=335]

Alan Gibbons’ Day

These are some of the comments from our Year 8 students:

“He taught me how to make simple sentences interesting”.

“The bit I liked most was writing the story. It really helped with my skills.”

“It was interesting and fun at the same time.”

“He helped me realise that you can’t just run into the exciting part of the story and that each little bit is just as important.”

“Alan has a good sense of humour and I liked how he did impressions.”

“I really liked his sense of humour and the way he spoke was so inspiring. I liked how he could make up a great story in a couple of paragraphs.”

“He was funny and made me laugh. I think the writing task was OK.”

“…he explained it (the writing task) well and interacted with you and he knew what way we wanted to hear it, not the boring long way.”

These are some of the comments from our Year 7 students:

“He was funny and seemed to be passionate about his writing. When he was talking about the different genres he seemd to have written loads.”

“I liked his humour and jokes, especially when he was talking about his life and book awards.”

“He was funny and he was very inspirational. I think the way he told us about each book was very helpful.”

“I really liked how he was really funny when he described his childhood and how he described his books.”

“He was funny and I thought he was going to be boring but he wasn’t. He was easy to listen to.”

“I liked that he was really happy and he told us about his past. I liked that he told us about his books.”

“… it was action packed, funny and dealt well with the questions.” “Rating out of 10 – 100!”

“He was hilarious and made me cry laughing!”

“Overall it was great.”

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Jan 05

A Very Happy New Year to all our visitors – hope 2012 is a good one for you!


2012 by Frank Bonilla on Flickr

As Mrs Robinson is now running a Library Service across both our Senior and Junior Schools (working with Mrs Enston at our Junior School), she has decided to write a full Progress Report at the end of each term. You can download and read it below:

December progress report 2011
View more documents from The Dixie Grammar School Libraries.

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Nov 24

Welcome to Year 6 students! This post has been made to help you with your project.

Two Cute Siblings
Image by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr

Please choose one endangered animal and find answers to these questions. You will then have to present your findings in a PowerPoint.

  1. What does endangered mean?
  2. How many of your animal are alive in the wild or in captivity?
  3. What is your animal’s main habitat?
  4. What are the main predators of your animal?
  5. What is the lifespan of your animal?
  6. Can you find out the reasons why your animal is endangered?
  7. Can you find out what is being done to preserve it? Which are the main organisations working on this?

Here are a range of websites that Mrs Robinson has found for you. If you click on the link, it will open in a new window.

Endangered Animals

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Nov 21

We tried a new idea in the Michael Parker Library on Open Morning. One of the Student Helpers asked our visitors for their comments about the Library. Here they are:

“A wonderful, bright and relaxing space.”

“Could we have a book of the week?”

“I can’t believe it is so different!”

Good things: “Book requests, space to work, nice lighting, seating, newspapers, subscriptions.”


“Good layout, signage and lighting.”

“Ooh, that’s good!”

“Lovely library – great resources.”

“Nice layout.”

“It looks fantastic and has great resources.”

“Relaxing space. Wide range of books.”

“Brilliant books. I love it and can’t wait to use it!”

“Lovely atmosphere.”

“Wow! Amazing and gorgeous!”

“Fantastic space!”

Now, wasn’t that nice?

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