Oct 07

This week, I am having a few issues with this site! Images will not upload properly – so this post will have to be text only until I have managed to find the solution.

Visiting other school libraries

I have been asking around for suitable libraries to visit in order to gather as many ideas as possible. Last week, I began to compile a “wish list” so that I could clarify my thinking about the new library. I have now contacted a range of colleagues and have some visits in the pipeline.

Library design

There are a lot of library designers and furniture suppliers out there and I have been in touch with quite a few to ask if they can send pictures of their designs. I am planning a display for the Library that we can use during Open Morning and also to inspire the students and staff.

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2 Responses to “Planning the new Library – Week 6”

  1. 1. Anne Williams Says:

    Dear Anne
    Congratulations on this wonderful site. As a fellow school librarian I’m finding it totally compelling reading. Who have you settled on as supplier? for our own new library (Easter 2010) we’re really impressed by fg so far…
    Good luck!

  2. 2. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Thanks, Anne, for your kind comment. We are using a local shopfitting firm for the library furniture – Stan Tarver, of Atherstone. I will continue to add photos every few days and so you will be able to see the finished effect – hopefully by the end of August! Then, I will be able to start on my part of the project!

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