Jun 22

Need help finding sources for your assignments? Do you need ideas to improve your searching? Well, why not have a look at the presentation below!

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6 Responses to “Welcome to Sixth Form Historians!”

  1. 1. Catherine Clift Says:

    Hello Mrs Robinson,
    I have been reading James Herring’s new Book ‘Improving Students’ Web Use and Information Literacy’ and came across the prezi above.
    It is FANTASTIC and with your permission would like to link it to my website and blog. I am a TL working at a public primary school in Sydney, Australia.
    I’ll await your reply.

  2. 2. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Hi, Catherine. Thanks for your lovely comments. You are very welcome to link to the Prezi. I’m so glad that you find it useful.
    Best wishes
    Anne Robinson

  3. 3. K Wilson Says:

    Hi there Mrs Robinson,

    I love this! I have just had a not so interesting lesson with Yr 11 on exactly this! Am I able to use this in some lessons in the future? And as a library resource?(Would love to have my time over).

    An excellent example of Prezi plus searching.

    Thank you for letting me know,


  4. 4. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Hi Kirren,
    I am not quite sure what you as asking? Please let me know.

    Mrs Robinson

  5. 5. K Wilson Says:

    Hi Mrs Robinson,

    May I use your Prezi to show Year 11 students studying History? I have completed one lesson, and your prezi encapsulates my points so eloquently! (So much better than my words did). It would be used as part of my revision of research (with full credit to you of course!) when I have the opportunity to work with those students again.

    Kind regards,

  6. 6. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Dear Kirren,

    Oh, you are welcome to use it! I am very flattered when people like my work.

    Best wishes
    Anne R

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