Carnegie Medal – past winners

Have you read any of these? We are purchasing most of them for the Library. Please note that the year refers to when the book was published rather than when the medal was awarded i.e. the 2005 winner was announced and the medal presented in July 2006. From 2007 this has changed.

2009 Siobhan Dowd Bog Child
2008 Philip Reeve Here Lies Arthur
2007 Meg Rosoff Just in Case
2006 Change to numbering system
2005 Mal Peet Tamar
2004 Frank Cottrell Boyce Millions
2003 Jennifer Donnelly A Gathering Light
2002 Sharon Creech Ruby Holler
2001 Terry Pratchett The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
2000 Beverley Naidoo The Other Side of Truth
1999 Aidan Chambers Postcards from No Man’s Land
1998 David Almond Skellig
1997 Tim Bowler Riverboy
1996 Melvin Burgess Junk
1995 Philip Pullman His Dark Materials: Northern Lights
1994 Theresa Breslin Whispers in the Graveyard
1993 Robert Swindells Stone Cold
1992 Anne Fine Flour Babies
1991 Berlie Doherty Dear Nobody
1990 Gillian Cross Wolf
1989 Anne Fine Goggle-eyes
1988 Geraldine McCaughrean A Pack of Lies
1987 Susan Price The Ghost Drum
1986 Berlie Doherty Granny was a Buffer Girl
1985 Kevin Crossley-Holland Storm
1984 Margaret Mahy The Changeover
1983 Jan Mark Handles
1982 Margaret Mahy The Haunting
1981 Robert Westall The Scarecrows
1980 Peter Dickinson City of Gold
1979 Peter Dickinson Tulku
1978 David Rees The Exeter Blitz
1977 Gene Kemp The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler
1976 Jan Mark Thunder and Lightnings
1975 Robert Westall The Machine Gunners
1974 Mollie Hunter The Stronghold
1973 Penelope Lively The Ghost of Thomas Kempe
1972 Richard Adams Watership Down
1971 Ivan Southall Josh
1970 Leon Garfield and Edward Blishen The God Beneath the Sea
1969 Kathleen Peyton The Edge of the Cloud
1968 Rosemary Harris The Moon in the Cloud
1967 Alan Garner The Owl Service
1966 Prize withheld as no book considered suitable
1965 Philip Turner The Grange at High Force
1964 Sheena Porter Nordy Bank
1963 Hester Burton The Time of Trial
1962 Pauline Clarke The Twelve and the Genii
1961 Lucy M. Boston A Stranger at Green Knowe
1960 Dr. I. W. Cornwall The Making of Man
1959 Rosemary Sutcliffe The Lantern Bearers
1958 Philippa Pearce Tom’s Midnight Garden
1957 W. Mayne A Grass Rope
1956 C.S. Lewis The Last Battle
1955 Eleanor Farjeon The Little Bookroom
1954 ‘Ronald Welch’ (Felton Ronal Oliver) Knight Crusader
1953 Edward Osmond A Valley Grows Up
1952 Mary Norton The Borrowers
1951 Cynthia Harnett The Woolpack
1950 Elfrida Vipont Foulds The Lark on the Wing
1949 Agnes Allen The Story of Your Home
1948 R. Armstrong Sea Change
1947 Walter De La Mare Collected Stories for Children
1946 Elizabeth Goudge The Little White Horse
1945 Prize not awarded
1944 Eric Linklater The Wind on the Moon
1943 Prize not awarded
1942 ‘B.B.’ (D J Watkins-Pitchford) The Little Grey Men
1941 M. Treadgold We couldn’t leave Dinah
1940 Kitty Barne Visitors from London
1939 Eleanor Doorly Radium Woman
1938 Noel Streatfeild The Circus is Coming
1937 Eve Garnett The Family From One End Street
1936 Arthur Ransome Pigeon Post

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