Mar 15

We had a great time during Book Week! Lots of exciting activities took place in the Library at lunchtimes, including a visit from Dave Cryer on World Book Day and a fun competition all week.

Here’s a fun video of what we did during the week!

Monday 1 March – Brilliant Book Trailer Show

On the Monday, we had a film show with a difference: book trailers and author videos. Book trailers are great little videos that tempt you to read a new book. There are also some really awesome videos from authors available. Here is an example:

Love this great video from a school in the USA!

If you want to see the videos we showed, or keep an eye out for new ones – then watch Library Online’s YouTube Channel. Mrs Robinson will “favourite” videos as she finds them.

Tuesday 2 March – Year 6 Book Quiz

Four teams from Year 6 entered our first ever Year 6 Book Quiz. Each person who entered will get a prize, with a special prize for the winning team members.

Year 6 Book Quiz

The winning team were:

“Fatkid Pony Tellytubby Commandos”!!!!!!!!!

Year 6 Book Quiz Winners

Year 6 Book Quiz Winners

Wednesday 3 March – Book Swap

We tried something different on the Wednesday. After discussions with students to see if they were interested, a Book Swap was planned. Students were encouraged to bring in unwanted books and swap them with their friends – a quick and easy way of finding something new to read. Huge thanks to the staff who helped with this event.

Thursday 4 March – World Book Day with Dave Cryer

Lesson time: Year 7 met with Dave Cryer during the morning and Year 6 worked with him in the afternoon. Students really enjoyed developing characters and writing their own stories.

Year 6 with Dave Cryer

Year 6 with Dave Cryer

One student said, “I’ve just written more than I have ever done before!”

Mrs Robinson also wrote her own story! Some students are writing more chapters of their stories at home too.

The Reading Group met with Dave Cryer over lunchtime and had great fun in acting out scenes from Darren Shan’s books!

Reading Group with Dave Cryer

Reading Group with Dave Cryer

Caught Reading Competition

Caught Reading

Caught Reading

All week we ran a fun competition – members of staff had been “caught reading” – students had to work out from the photographs who each person was.

The competition answers were:

Photo No. Staff Name Photo No. Staff Name
1 Mrs Coussens 15 Mrs Hannighan
2 Mrs Burke 16 Mr Kirkwood
3 Mrs Lambourne 17 Mr Burns
4 Mrs Harland 18 Mr Macmillan
5 Mr Stone 19 Mrs Scott
6 Mrs Knight 20 Mrs Plumpton
7 Mrs Prasher-Malde 21 Mrs Maddison
8 Mrs Perkins 22 Mr Roe
9 Mr Hollingdale 23 Mrs Robinson
10 Mrs Wardle 24 Blank
11 Mr Thirlwell 25 Mrs Colby
12 Miss Daumeyer 26 Mr Dalton
13 Mr Ketchion 27 Mr Wood
14 Mr Madigan 28 Mrs Mallard

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Mar 19

Congratulations go to:

Winner: James Trollope
Runners-up: Chloe Sanders and Sophie Phipps

Well done!

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Feb 26

Hope you had a Happy World Book Day!!!

World Book Day 2009

World Book Day 2009

We ran a competition all day. Some members of staff wore a badge with a book title – you hadto find them and write the title down – then find out who wrote the book! Easy!

You can still download the Competition Entry Form here. The closing date is March 13th at 2.00pm.

World Book Day Competition Form

World Book Day Competition Form

Also, the free £1.00 tokens have been given out during the week.

Have you tried the special World Book Day books? Post your comment here to let us know what you think of them.

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