Survey – Year 6 – results and comments

These are the results of the survey that we sent to Year 6 students.

New Library Questionnaire

In the Autumn Term next year, a brand new library will open for everybody at The Dixie Grammar School. We would like your views on how to make this library a wonderful place to be during lessons as well as during lunchtimes and after school. You don’t need to tell us your name but some general information about you would be useful.

Please tick:  I’m a      boy        girl and I am in Year___

1 Which of these would be most important for you to have in the library? Please number them from 10 (most important) to 1 (least important)

  • Good new fact and story books to borrow
  • Group tables
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Magazines/newspapers
  • Audio books, DVDs and listening/viewing stations
  • Single study tables
  • Reading carpets
  • Area with displays and props
  • Helpful and friendly library staff
  • Lots of space


2 How quiet do you think the library should be?

  • It should be silent or almost silent
  • A little bit of noise is OK
  • I don’t mind lots of noise


3 Which of these activities would you do in the new library? (you can tick as many as you want)

  • Read quietly
  • Borrow and return books
  • Relax
  • Use books for projects/homework
  • Use a computer for research
  • Do my work
  • Other – please state ____________________________________


4 Would you be interested in any of the following? (tick as many as you want)

  • A regular newsletter with news and details of new books
  • A library web page with news and book reviews from students
  • Bookclubs and Reading Groups
  • Author visits
  • Student Library Helper training

5 Finally, if you were planning a new library, what would you put in that would make it truly amazing? Think carefully – you may get what you ask for!

These are the things that our Year 6 students have asked for and my replies!

You asked for: Computers, TV, DVD players and an Interactive Whiteboard

Mrs Robinson’s reply: We are planning to have computers in the new Library from the beginning. Other things may have to wait awhile as we develop over it the next few years.

You asked for: Beanbags, Shelves around the edge

Mrs Robinson’s reply: The room is not very big (you may not think so, but visit some other secondary school libraries!) and we need to make the most of the space. So most of the shelving will be around the walls. We are going to put in some comfortable soft seating and we are planning to have  beanbags or something similar.

You asked for: Brighter colours, Posters

Mrs Robinson’s reply: We have not chosen the colours yet and we will talk to a lot of people before we decide. We need to make sure that the colours are something we can live with for quite a long time. Yes, of course we will have nice posters!

You asked for: Member cards, Areas per Year Group

Mrs Robinson’s reply: Interesting ideas! I will think about member cards – but people tend to lose them and it is easy to type names into our computer – you are all members of the Library already! Areas per Year Group would not work very well as there is not really enough space and the Library is for everyone anyway.

You asked for: Computer games and DVDs to borrow, Puzzle books

Mrs Robinson’s reply: We will buy DVDs to support your subjects, which you will be able to borrow. But we will not be able to buy the latest movies or computer games as you need an expensive license to lend these. Try the local Public Library! We will buy some puzzle books and lots of other interesting things!

You asked for: Craft activities, Board games

Mrs Robinson’s reply: We will have a lot of activities going on in the new library when it is opened next Autumn.

You asked for: Music

Mrs Robinson’s reply: Yes, I could play music – but it would be the stuff that I like! Seriously, we may use it sometimes – like when I played the James Bond theme during your Inductions!

You asked for: Loads of room, Two floors, Movie area, Social area

Mrs Robinson’s reply: Well, this room is not the Tardis and I am not a Time Lord so I cannot stretch the room to make it bigger. We will do our best to use the space wisely. Also, we cannot show movies as this is not legal unless the film is part of your subject. We hope that you enjoy coming in to the new Library when it is ready, but its main uses are for research, reading, homework etc., not really as a social area. Aren’t there other places in school for that?

You aksed for: Games consoles

Mrs Robinson’s reply: Sorry, but this is not really in the remit of a school library and don’t you spend enough time on them at home!!

If you want to look at the comments made by Years 7-13, and Mrs Robinson’s replies, please click here.

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5 Responses to “Survey – Year 6 – results and comments”

  1. 1. George dunne Says:

    hi Mrs Robinson the new site is amazing please could we get some new books in the library like Scorpia and ark angel by Anthony Horowitz because you have the other alex rider books but not these.Please could we also get the diary of Anne Frank because i saw it on tele and it was great.Please could we get bigger tables because theres no room to space your books out roughly how many computers will there be. My favourite part of the website is the cluster map i also love the sports and news page thanks for the great site. see at school next week.

  2. 2. George dunne Says:

    will there be e-books soon because they sound really good

  3. 3. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Thanks, George, I will add these books to our next order. Yes, we are looking at bigger tables and we are planning on about 6 computers to start with, then more later. Thanks also for your comments about the site!

  4. 4. Mrs Robinson Says:

    I will look at e-books when I have found a good way of using them in the library.

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