Oct 15

Glad to see you have found our Library website! Mrs Robinson has been looking for the best websites for your research into Dutch Elm Disease.

Beetle Galleries

Beetle Galleries by megankhines

If you click on the title below, you will be taken to our Delicious site where you will find more links.

Image is Beetle Galleries by megankhines on Flickr.

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Jan 28

If you are in the Sixth Form and have just had a session with the Librarian on Working Independently, then welcome to the Library Online website!

To see and download the presentations, have a look at the Learning Skills section. this is divided into further sections – Presentations (where you will find the ones from today’s session), How To…, and Resources. Have a look at these as you will find helpful videos, presentations and other resources.

Please let Mrs Robinson know if you would like more help or more resources on these pages.

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Nov 03

I have been asked to do some presentations to our Sixth Form about Independent Learning, Study and Research Skills. These will take place soon and I will upload the presentations to SlideShare for all to see. To accompany these, I have started to use an amazing site called Glogster where you can make posters. The first one is here, the rest will be put on the Learning Skills pages as I make them.

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Jan 30

Web links

Service for Staff and Sixth Form Students

Do you have an important piece of research you are trying to do?

Are you stuck and having difficulties in finding information?

Then ask your Librarian!

Mrs Robinson will do her best to find web pages for you and put links to them on this site. You could leave your query as a comment on this site.

What have you got to lose?

Image from the Flickr website:

somerights20cc_icon_attribution devaymarie

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