Jun 22

Need help finding sources for your assignments? Do you need ideas to improve your searching? Well, why not have a look at the presentation below!

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Jan 28

If you are in the Sixth Form and have just had a session with the Librarian on Working Independently, then welcome to the Library Online website!

To see and download the presentations, have a look at the Learning Skills section. this is divided into further sections – Presentations (where you will find the ones from today’s session), How To…, and Resources. Have a look at these as you will find helpful videos, presentations and other resources.

Please let Mrs Robinson know if you would like more help or more resources on these pages.

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Nov 03

I have been asked to do some presentations to our Sixth Form about Independent Learning, Study and Research Skills. These will take place soon and I will upload the presentations to SlideShare for all to see. To accompany these, I have started to use an amazing site called Glogster where you can make posters. The first one is here, the rest will be put on the Learning Skills pages as I make them.

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