How to…

On this page you will find links to very short videos and presentations aiming to teach you how to do a range of things. Mrs Robinson will add links here as she finds or makes them!

How to…

How to… make a BIBLIOGRAPHY

This is a fantastic presentation made by a colleague, using Prezi. It is a very simple way to remember what to collect from your resources to compile a bibliography.

How to… use DELICIOUS

Delicious is a social bookmarking tool. That means that you can save your favourite websites from any computer into your Delicious account, organise them with tags and then share them with other people. You can also search and look at what other people are saving and so get the best links for your work or interests. Have a look at the short video below. Please ask Mrs Robinson if you would like more information as she is a very keen Delicious fan!

More information from the Delicious site itself.

How to… use DIIGO

Diigo is another social bookmarking site that is similar to Delicious, although it does have some extra features.

More information from the Diigo site itself.

How to… improve your NOTE-TAKING skills

How to… ORGANISE your work

Have a look at this presentation made for the Sixth Form – you might end up being more organised as a result!

Working Independently. Part 1: Being Organised

View more presentations from The Dixie Grammar School Library.

How to… avoid PLAGIARISM

Have a look at this video and think about how you can avoid plagiarising other people’s work!

This presentation was made for Sixth Form students to help them to understand plagiarism and how to avoid it!


This is a presentation made for Year 10 Geographers – but it would be useful for other students too!

For more resources, look at the sites collected on Delicious by Mrs Robinson – new ones being added regularly!

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  1. 1. Corinne Mullins Says:

    These Prezi’s are fantastic. I have to give a series of talks to the sixth form on research skills and referencing and wonder if I could use them in those and embed them in my tutorials page on my website? I would credit you of course – avoid plagiarism at all costs!!

  2. 2. Mrs Robinson Says:

    Yes, that’s fine Corinne – hope you find them useful! Please send me the link to your site when you have embedded them.

  3. 3. Corinne Mullins Says:

    Just finished putting them on – thank you.

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