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The main survey results can be found here.

65% of the students who responded to our survey made comments about what they would like in the new library. Although some of these were not very sensible, a great many were helpful.

I will try to answer some of them here:


You asked for:
Comfortable seating – beanbags, “egg chairs”, sofas etc.

Mrs Robinson’s reply:
Yes, we are planning on having some areas which are comfortable for you to relax with a book or magazine. We have already thought about beanbags and comfortable chairs – wait and see what appears on the plans! No, we are not planning on beds!

You asked for:
Zoning, bigger tables, etc.

Mrs Robinson’s reply:
We hope to have a range of different zones – areas where we can teach a class, places where you can work in a group or on your own. The space is not huge, but we will do our best. We may be able to do more about this as the library develops in the future.

You asked for:
Aesthetically pleasing furniture, more modern furniture, good lighting and use of colour. Also to put in furniture and decor that is in keeping with the age of the room.

Mrs Robinson’s reply:
It is very difficult to get this right! But we will try very hard to choose colours, carpets and furniture that will enhance the room.

ICT Equipment

You asked for:
Computers, computers, computers! Also, an interactive whiteboard, printer, plugs for laptops, TV, DVDs and COMPUTERS!!

Mrs Robinson’s reply:
These are essential for the new library! We are planning on putting in some PCs to start with, plus plenty of sockets and network points, then introducing new ICT equipment as we go into the future.


You asked for:
A wider variety of books and magazines to cater for all ages. Books to support specific subjects, revision guides, better dictionaries etc. Multi-media resources such as DVDs and CDs.

Mrs Robinson’s reply:
This is the most important part of the development, really. A room with lovely furniture and equipment is just that – a room! To create a wonderful resource for the whole school, we need to develop a really good collection of multi-media resources. Books are really important – fantastic and inspiring fiction, both new and classic writing; interesting and informative non-fiction. We also need to purchase magazines, DVDs and other media to support subjects taught in the school. Please feed-back suggestions through this site or call in to the Library and talk to me about what you want.

Other stuff

You asked for some other things as well – some of them were rather unusual to say the least! I will try to answer the more sensible examples here:

  • access to Leics library card – good idea, unfortunately we cannot link in with the public library in this way. We do have links from this site to the Leicestershire and Warwickshire Public Library Catalogues. You can search them and make requests online with your library card.
  • games consoles – sorry, but this is not really in the remit of a school library and don’t you spend enough time on them at home!!
  • area for people to socialise – again, not really what the library is for. We need to make it a place where you can read, do your work and think! If people are sitting having a chat then there would not be enough room for the people who really need to read and work. Aren’t there other places in school where you can socialise?
  • bingo and weakest link – maybe not these, but we will try to plan a range of interesting activities and competitions for you.
  • dressing up corner for Art/History – not sure what you mean!!
  • Helper training – this is really important. We will need a team of Library Helpers when the new Library opens and I will start proper recruitment and training later on in the school year. Please let me know if you are interested.
  • keep historic feel, keep honour boards, keep traditional charm, library is fine as it is and doesn’t need changing - we will do our best to develop a library that is in keeping with the room. However, some things will change as we need to maximise the space. The library does need changing as it cannot offer the service that the students and staff of this school need. Those of you who go on to university will have a bit of a shock when you see the libraries there – our new library will enable me to help prepare you for this!
  • listen to own music – this is against the school’s rules at present. We may, however, use music with some classes where appropriate.
  • toilets - was this serious? Anyway, we don’t have the plumbing!
  • whiteboard walls to draw on – a bit babyish surely?
  • watching films which have just come out – again this is a legal issue. We can only purchase DVDs that are legal for us to loan out and we are not able to show them to students unless they are part of the curriculum. We will develop a DVD collection to support your subjects.
  • swimming pool, chocolate fountain, disco ball, arcade machines, table football, cinema, vending machines, fairy lights, hot tub, sweets etc. Ha! Ha! Very funny! I love your imagination!

This comment sums up what we are trying to achieve:

“warm, comfortable atmosphere, but technologically advanced”

What do you think? Add your comments in here…

The results and comments from the Year 6 Survey can be found here.

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