Nov 21

We tried a new idea in the Michael Parker Library on Open Morning. One of the Student Helpers asked our visitors for their comments about the Library. Here they are:

“A wonderful, bright and relaxing space.”

“Could we have a book of the week?”

“I can’t believe it is so different!”

Good things: “Book requests, space to work, nice lighting, seating, newspapers, subscriptions.”


“Good layout, signage and lighting.”

“Ooh, that’s good!”

“Lovely library – great resources.”

“Nice layout.”

“It looks fantastic and has great resources.”

“Relaxing space. Wide range of books.”

“Brilliant books. I love it and can’t wait to use it!”

“Lovely atmosphere.”

“Wow! Amazing and gorgeous!”

“Fantastic space!”

Now, wasn’t that nice?

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Jan 13

Please read the results of our Student Survey on these pages:

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Please let me know what you think by leaving comments on these pages!

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