Aug 13

We have made good progress this week – all of the Fiction books are now catalogued and labelled and Mrs Robinson has started on the Non-Fiction books. Thanks to her son, Mark, for helping! Mrs Enston has also been in to see how we are getting on and is coming in to help next week.

So, by the end of Week 4 (12 August) Mrs Robinson has:

1) Catalogued 1127 books.

Fiction complete, picture books almost finished, 900s and 800s (Non-Fiction) also complete.

2) Labelled 1152 books.

Most of these also have the label covers on too – looking very smart! These are taking longer to do than anticipated.

Plan for Week 5

As the Junior School is closed on two days, Mrs Robinson will be working there Tuesday to Thursday. She hopes to make good progress towards cataloguing the rest of the Non-Fiction.

We have also organised our book-buying visit for 2 September, which will be great!

This slideshow will give you an idea of how we are progressing – the newest photos are first:

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