Apr 14

Keep up-to-date on this important event using this amazing service – Mashpedia. It collects (mashups) data from a range of sources, including blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, new and images – fantastic!

General Election on Mashpedia

Mrs Robinson has also added a new General Election page to the Netvibes site:

General Election on Netvibes

Party Websites

  • Conservative Party
  • Labour Party
  • Liberal Democrat Party
  • Green Party
  • United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Other General Election Resources

  • BBC News – UK Election
  • BUBL UK – List of all the political parties in the UK
  • Electoral Commission
  • UK Parliament
  • Wikipedia – UK General Election 2010
  • YVote - Mock Elections

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Mar 23
Library Opening with Kay Alexander

Library Opening with Kay Alexander

The Library was officially opened on Thursday 18 March by Kay Alexander, a very familiar face as she is a presenter on BBC Midlands Today.

The ceremony began just after 12.00 with John Wood, our Headmaster, speaking about the importance of the library and how so many people had worked together to create it. Anne Robinson, the Librarian, followed – the text of her speech is at the bottom of this post. Kay Alexander then spoke about how much libraries mean to her – it was lovely to hear this from our guest. She then cut the book-shaped cake and posed for lots of photos with our students and guests.

Kay Alexander with Michael Parker (left) and John Wood (right)

Kay Alexander with Michael Parker (left) and John Wood (right)

A fantastic buffet lunch was provided and all our guests seemed to be very impressed with our great new facilities and plans for how the library service will develop in the future!

This is the video made to show guests the development of the Michael Parker Library:

The text of Mrs Robinson’s speech:

What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it thinks about education.  Harold Howe, former US Commissioner of Education

You can see around you what this school thinks about its library! The library has come about because of vision – the vision of the school management. To put a library fit for the 21st century into this 1828 building was a challenge. We had to contend with a number of issues with this listed building – the sagging floor, the high ceiling, the lovely windows. The room that you see is the result of teamwork and collaboration: the Library Committee bringing together wide ranging skills from school management, academic staff, admin and technical staff; and consultation: with students, staff, parents, governors, local interest groups, suppliers and colleagues in the wider library profession.

So, what is special about this Library?

  • Bespoke furniture, thanks to a collaboration with Stan Tarver – clever shelving design that tilts and displays the stock to the best advantage.
  • Flexibility of use with specially designed tables and seating.
  • Modern ICT facilities – including wireless access, floor sockets that allow students and staff to use laptops anywhere in the room, a drop-down screen with projector.
  • Attractive, up-to-date book stock – students are enjoying borrowing and reading the new books and also are welcome to suggest new titles.
  • Plans to develop multi-media resources, including online databases and e-books.
  • Access 24/7 to our Library Online Services – our virtual library, which you can see on the screens if you wish.
  • Keen and enthusiastic Student Helper Team – the students who you see here.
  • And I must say it – a committed, experienced professional Librarian. My job is to get this wonderful facility used by collaborating with staff to develop programmes across the school to encourage reading for pleasure, the teaching of research skills and the use of exciting new technologies. These will help our students to be lifelong independent learners able to achieve in Higher Education and deal with adult life in the 21st century.

Here is a slideshow of the best photos from the event – more will be added as soon as possible:

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Jan 25

Wow! The site has now had more than 10,000 views since it was started in the Summer of 2008.

Thank-you for visiting!


Here’s to the next 10,000!

10000 Views by Boofalo Blues on Flickr

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Oct 13

Yes, our newly refurbished Library is now fully open again!

Please come in and have a look. Students, staff, parents and visitors are saying “Wow!” as they see it for the first time. We have loads of great new books with comfortable chairs, nice tables and a lovely atmosphere.

Busy lunchtime in our Library

Busy lunchtime in our Library

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Sep 02

Exciting times! All of the library equipment, books and resources was moved into the new space on Friday so that Room 9 could be cleared for use again. The furniture fitters are now finishing off the last touches – cupboards, worktops, desk and so on. Then Mrs Robinson will be able to get in and start unpacking!

Pile of boxes to unpack!

Pile of boxes to unpack!

There are huge piles of boxes across the library, consisting of all the old stock plus loads of new books. All of these will be put on the shelves as quickly as possible with new signing and guiding to help everyone find what they are looking for.

Lots of new furniture and equipment is also being delivered. It will be great fun unpacking this and putting it all into place!

Staff are welcome to pop in at any time to see the progress. Students will be shown around as soon as possible.

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Jun 24

Just a quick post to update readers with the current situation.

Over May Half Term, the library was virtually emptied out. All of the stock had been boxed up during the term and was then taken to Room 9, together with any equipment that we need for the new library. Mrs Robinson will be working in Room 9 until the end of August, getting new resources and equipment ready, planning the new library and developing web-based services.

The old wall between the library and Room 8 was removed and the honour boards taken down and stored safely. These have been carefully photographed to ensure that we have a good record of the names. Eventually, we will re-create the boards in a new format and we are planning on making a very special book with the photographs.

Furniture that is not needed for the refurbishment is being taken away and used in other parts of the school.

The work will begin on the floor on the very first day of the summer holidays – exciting times!

Mrs Robinson will continue to post here during the summer with updates on the development and some “tasters” to show you some of the new resources that she is purchasing for the library.

Watch this space!

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May 20

Do you want to find the latest news? Then have a look at our Library Netvibes Pages!


The Dixie Grammar School – Library Online @ Netvibes

On these pages you will find up-to-date news from the UK, France, Germany and China, together with Business and Sport. Oh yes, and some information about our Library!

Please let the Librarian know if you think we should add anything else.

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May 05

Special offer on library books this week only!


The Library will be closed from Half Term in preparation for the refurbishment in the Summer Holidays. So that students can have “Holiday Reading”, I am making a special offer to you:

If you have no overdue items, then you can borrow up to 15 books from the Library!

These books must be returned when the Library re-opens in mid-September. The offer ends at the end of the week…


Return all overdue books now & borrow up to 15 books!

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Jan 23

In our Surveys, many students said that they were interested in a regular newsletter. So here it is! You can download it from here, or get a copy from your Form Tutor or the Library.


Download our January 2009 Library Newsletter for Students

Please let me know what you would like to see in the next newsletter. You could also think of a good name for it and post it on this site as a comment!

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Dec 08

Have a look at our News page! I have added feeds for Football and Cricket, UK News Headlines and a great Weather Map to the page. Please let me know what else you would like me to add.



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